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Personal Change Process Management

Nº of pages
17 x 24 cm
In color
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 21,00 €

Review of the work

Today's world is uncertain, complex and is in a process of constant evolution dominated by change, synonymous, in many cases, with replacement, exchange or substitution, we are living a period of transformations and changes that affect individuals and communities. societies as a whole, a dynamic that leads us to engage in continuous learning; and it also imposes the need to adapt, adjust, prepare, assimilate and even promote novelty and change, in our way of thinking, feeling and doing. It is natural that the instability that results from any change generates fear and resistance. Facing a change, a loss or the beginning of a new stage are processes of openness and uncertainty that promote and test skills as diverse and complex as decision-making, the correct application of our emotional intelligence, the definition of problems. , proactivity, the creative search for innovative, versatile, flexible and fast ideas and solutions, the detection of opportunities, the management of the principles of individual responsibility and choice, etc. This knowing how to adapt, innovate, plan and reinvent oneself is, in essence, the cornerstone of the differentiated discipline of change management: a broad body of knowledge built around a complex set of skills and behaviors (decision making, problem analysis, creative formulation of solutions, optimism, personal consistency, etc.), learned and acquired, which allow us to direct changes in an intentional, planned and proactive way. This challenge can become the perfect opportunity for individuals, organizations and societies in general to create a fuller, more sustainable and coherent world. In this specific context, it has important implications that justify the title of this manual: Managing the Personal Change Process. To do this, we will draw on the well-founded knowledge of sociology, psychology (social and organizational), coaching, anthropology, economics, systems theory, institutional engineering and cultural design. Leaving aside the classical and restorative approach of clinical psychology, more focused on diseases, symptoms, deficits and pathologies, in this book, we are going to concentrate on the analysis and promotion of the individual's abilities or competencies to achieve a more full, adapted and happy, always from a positive and constructive approach.


Cristina Centeno Soriano
Cristina Centeno Soriano. Madrid. Doctoral student in Education. Graduated in Psychology, clinical specialty - educational. Master in Open and Distance Teaching and Learning (UNED) and Specialist in instructional design. International Master in Open and Distance Teaching and Learning (EAAD). Author of Caring for those who care. What and how to do it; Social Pedagogy. Methodological and professional framework of the educator; Applied clinical psychology; Administrative operations and health documentation; Social skills, a key element in our relationships with the world; Management of grief and losses; How can we educate children in their sexuality ?, all of them published in Alcalá Formation.

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