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Work-related Stress, Bullying, Burn out

Nº of pages
17 x 24 cm
Legal deposit
 25,00 €

Review of the work

EVALUATION OF PROTECTION AGAINST WORKPLACE ACCIDENTS. Caution of risks in professional activity. Risk prevention. Working conditions and health. Historical overview of prevention. QUALITY OF WORK LIFE. Quality of work life. Psychosocial factors. The motivation. PERCEPTION AND STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Perception. Emotion. States of consciousness. DIFFERENT TYPES OF PERSONALITY. Personality. Personality disorders. THE COMMAND. The command. The different types of bosses. STRESS. Stress. Consequences of stress. Stress and the immune system. Coping with stress. WORK STRESS. Work as an occupational disease. Triggering factors for burnout. Characteristics of the person. Latest studies carried out on burnout. WORK STRESS II. Appreciation process. Response process. Valuation process. Stress prevention. Social support. Legislation on the prevention of stress. SURVEY OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING. PSYCHOLOGICAL HARASSMENT I. Definition. Types of mobbing. Personality profiles. Mobbing and other situations. Forms of behavior. Phases of mobbing. HARASSMENT AT WORK II. Consequences. Evaluation. Intervention. Preventive measures. Legal dimension of mobbing. Legal procedures.



Carmela de Pablo Hernández.


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