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Medicinal Plants

Nº of pages
17 x 24 cm
In color
Legal deposit

Practical natural and scientific properties

 19,00 €

Review of the work

Phytotherapy, the art of healing through plants, is practised since the far distant past and in every continent. The medical plants may act from the physical plan itself (tissues, organs and body systems) to the mental and emotional states or even the spiritual and energetic field. The undesired side effects caused by some chemical medicines have helped to rehabilitate phytotherapy. But this does not mean that plants may not be toxic and/or inoffensive. Therefore, it is recommendable to have all the knowledge that phytotherapy demands. There are different ways of following a treatment with plants; the aim is not always, of course, to heal. Phytotherapy’s aim is specifically to help the organism fight the disease and recover the balance which had been affected, which means the transmission of a therapeutic strategy for the patient and propose him/her the use of plants.


Carmela de Pablo Hernández

Carmela de Pablo Hernández is a Lady of Military Health and works in the Military Hospital of Madrid since 1.993. For her perseverance, professionalism and work received the prestigious Work Medal of Merit by the Army in 2005 and is author of many articles about different topics published in national and international magazines, as well as lectures, talks and conferences for sanitary groups in general. Among her published books we find: Ergonomics, Stress and Workplace Harassment manual. Geriatric Emergencies Manual. Education in Sexology and Human Sexuality. Manual of Diagnostic Procedures: RM y TAC. Manual for Women Health. Improvement in the Operating Room. Workplace Risks in the Operating Room.

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